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Bryan Dennstedt

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Short Form Resume

Long Form Resume


Bryan is a CTO Partner in the Product and Technology team at TechCXO, and has been with the firm for 7 years and has worked on over 40 fractional engagements, primarily in healthcare IT. Examples such as: mobile apps, to integration projects, assessments and due diligence. 

Bryan has spent the majority of his career deep in technology. He was the CTO at iPic Entertainment, movie theater chain, and CTO at MDLIVE a tele-health company, which sold for over 2B years later. Bryan has worked on device software for many telemedicine engagements. Prior to that he was CIO of City Power Marketing, an energy trading company. Bryan spent the first eleven years of his career traveling the world at IBM and Xerox corporations, where he was an architect and key contributor in both of their e-commerce and portal practices, working on projects like Home Depot, T-Mobile, Panasonic, Chicago Tribune, Sears, and many more. Bryan holds a BS in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Bryan works on creating a culture of learning and growth, through actively promoting individual and team capabilities. Bryan is passionate about servant leadership and education.  Bottom line, Bryan knows how to save money, add to shareholder value all while driving the team around him to success.